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This mother/daughter duo just finished Fundamentals and are ready to start our CrossFit classes. What I love the most about our gym are the stories behind our amazing community of members and these two are no different. You see, Lauren (in the orange tee) is in her late 20’s and was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She has been through a hysterectomy, chemo, and losing all her hair. When she came in to meet with me for her first session, it was very apparent that the one thing cancer hasn’t taken is her fighter determination. She let’s nothing stand in her way and knows no excuse. Once her mom, Erin, found out Lauren had started CrossFit, Erin didn’t hesitate to join her and we are so excited for these two workout partners and know the best is yet to come!

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Check out the Pro Shop! Two new super cute tanks available while supplies last! $30 plus tax.

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As you know, our Iron Bar Gym community is strong and one of the best around….. I’m asking you to participate, if you can, in helping out a member of our bigger CrossFit community, Northwest Iron in Dupont. We have a connection with Northwest Iron in that one of our former members is now one of the owners there (Lando Holt) and one of their members was involved in a tragic accident while celebrating Father’s Day that has left him without the ability to move his legs and is facing a long road ahead with many medical expenses. A few local gyms are coming together this Saturday to participate in a workout in his honor and to help raise money to support his family. We will do the workout at 9:15am on Saturday during our regular CrossFit class and there are two ways you can help: Donate directly to his Recovery Fund account or purchase a shirt from Pillage with $17 from each shirt sale going to the family. If you can, please help as we’d want our community to do the same if, heaven forbid, something were to happen to one of us. Any amount is appreciated and if we all do a little, we can make a big impact!

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Not just one goal…. But TWO! Angie started with us in January and two weeks ago set goals with a four week time line: Lose 5 pounds and back squat 100 pounds. Well, we are only two weeks into this 4-week goal block and Angie met both goals already! She’s been working hard and consistently coming to our weightlifting class and we’re excited to see all that hard work pay off!

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The Iron Bar Gym will be operating on Holiday schedule this weekend! Saturday, May 28: One Class Only, 9:15am. CrossFit and HIIT friendly Sunday, May 29: Closed Monday, May 30: 8th Annual Memorial Day Workout featuring the workout “Murph”. 10am and 10:30am start times. We hope you enjoy your holiday!

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Meet Shari, another one of the selected participants in our “Fit Project”, a FREE three month lifestyle changing program. One of the main purposes of this program is to develop a pattern of exercising consistently. There are three classes a week that the participants must attend in order to remain in the program. Shari has a job and is a busy mother and wife, but she has committed herself to the program and hasn’t missed one class!! Shari says she really likes the class, she doesn’t have a problem getting here, and doesn’t try to find excuses to get out of it like she used to in the past. “I look forward to it” she says, “it’s my time away from everything”. Shari feels the biggest change in her has been in her level of self esteem. Before she started the class she was feeling bad about herself and her lifestyle choices and had a lot of negative self talk going on in her mind. She says the negative self talk has stopped and she feels so much better about the direction her life is going. Her advice to others looking to join the Iron Bar Gym and make a lifestyle change, is to just do it, just start! Take the first step, it will be worth it!! We’re so proud of you Shari and thank you for allowing us to be part of your journey towards a healthy lifestyle!

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The Iron Bar Gym is excited to announce the launch of our Homeschool PE Program on February 1st! We invite all homeschoolers to join us for a FREE open house on Tuesday, January 26 at 2pm. This is open to any homeschool student ages 6-18 and we will do a short workout and answer questions about our program. Homeschool PE Open House Tuesday, Jan 26 2pm Open to Homeschool students ages 6-18 For questions, call 253-271-7188 or email

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As we start the new year, many people set goals and resolutions… but what about those that just simply work hard each and every day of the year? Lauren is just one of those people. She has been consistently coming to class, despite announcing the exciting news that she and her husband, Eric, are expecting their first child in May. I really admire Lauren’s dedication and attitude over these past 22 weeks. I’ve never heard her complain or make an excuse. She’s come to class, even on those days when she’s a bit tired. In fact she’s still rocking strict pull-ups and barbell work. She’s the true meaning of Attitude is Everything…. when you watch her workout, you’d never know she was pregnant, until you see the growing baby, which it turns out is a boy! Mindset is everything. What can you do to change your mindset and achieve your goals?

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We’ve been testing some squats the past few days and on Friday this group of strong men hit some new personal bests! Congratulations to Mike for a 425# back squat, Al with a 245# personal best and Erik with a 405# squat! This group is one tough bunch of guys who work hard and continually push themselves. Congratulations!

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